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First consultation 

  • After confirming your initial consultation, you will receive a questionnaire containing essential information that will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. Along with this, I will provide you with a four-day food diary. Both documents should be completed and returned a few days before our online appointment.

  • The consultation will last for 90 minutes approximately. During this time, we will explore in greater detail your medical history, eating habits, stress levels, daily routines, and emotional state, among other aspects.

  • Based on this initial assessment, I will create a Nutritional Plan that encompasses not only the dietary aspect but also a lifestyle approach designed specifically to fit your physical and emotional needs.

  • Please understand that adapting to a new eating pattern and daily habits can feel overwhelming. There are no shortcuts or magic solutions, as significant changes require dedication and perseverance. For this reason, I will provide support over a 4-week period through WhatsApp. My goal is to assist you in implementing realistic and positive changes without generating unrealistic expectations.

  • Once this period concludes, we will arrange a date for a first follow-up session. During this session, we will assess the changes you have experienced, and if necessary, we will jointly adjust the diet or other aspects.

  • The first follow-up is included in the initial consultation


Follow up

  • Subsequent follow-ups after the initial nutrition consultation are crucial for assessing progress and making adjustments based on the body's responses and changing needs. This phase involves constant review and adaptation of the dietary plan, ensuring the achievement of desired results and providing support toward a healthier and balanced diet.

  • The duration of the first session is estimated at approximately 45 minutes.

  • During these follow-up sessions, the following actions will be taken:

  • Review and adjustment of goals: Verification of whether the nutritional goals and recommendations have been met, with necessary modifications made.

  • Progress evaluation: Examination of changes since the first consultation, such as alterations in weight, energy levels, and vitality, as well as improvements in specific established objectives.

  • Analysis of the current diet: Reassessment of the current diet in comparison to the initial recommendations. This will help identify areas where nutritional guidance is being followed and detect those that require adjustments.

  • Adjustments to the Nutritional Plan: Based on the results obtained, the Nutritional Plan will be adjusted with additional recommendations to enhance its effectiveness.

  • Resolution of challenges: Addressing any issues or difficulties experienced in implementing dietary changes to find practical solutions.

  • Assessment of health improvements: Evaluating whether there have been improvements in symptoms or relevant health markers.

  • Setting new goals: If the initial objectives have been achieved, new goals will be established to continue progressing toward improved health and well-being.

  • Regular follow-ups: Depending on individual circumstances and long-term goals, periodic follow-ups will be scheduled to continuously monitor progress and make dietary adjustments as needed

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